Our History

In 1914, noted Texas educator Columbus H. Hogan became a founding partner in the Washington County Undertaking Co. on South Park Street in Brenham. Hogan later became sole proprietor and changed the name to Hogan Funeral Home. It was then the only funeral home in the county for Black Americans. (Texas Historical Marker No. 14045) This vital community business offered ambulance service to other cities including Houston and Galveston, TX, since local hospitals were segregated at the time. Hogan Funeral Home made its facilities available to the minority community for business, comfort, and other purposes when there were no facilities available to minorities in down town Brenham. C.H. Hogan, an active civic, fraternal and religious leader, also dedicated land for nearby Willow Grove Cemetery that is located close by..

The family business continued with his son; Booker T. Hogan, Sr. taking over in 1935 and moving it to West Main Street four years later. The business was operated by B.T. Hogan, Sr. until his death in 1986, and continued by his wife; Gladys Hogan, with the assistance of David Simpson, a family friend, until his son Booker T. Hogan, Jr. returned to continue the operation of the business from 1993 until this date.

The Hogan Family has a long history of service to the community in meeting its grief, legal and other needs.